Sobre nosotras

about us

Hello!! Greetings from Maria and Diana. we are sisters and the faces behind this venture!

We will tell you a little about ourselves.

Maria: I am 26 years old and I am an industrial engineer.

Diana : I am 18 years old and I am studying Marketing

We are both dedicated to preparing your orders, answering your dms, and making your shipments!

This venture started in a pandemic, in November 2020, it all started because (Maria): I finished my classes at the university and because of the pandemic I couldn't work or do my internship and I wanted to create something new and help our family. This is how this small business was born.

Like any entrepreneur, we felt afraid, but at the same time we gave our best efforts, dedicating most of our time to it, being constant and putting a lot of love into everything we do! From the beginning it has been one of beautiful experiences, seeing the whole process of how we have progressed, we have also made many mistakes from which we have learned a lot and it has helped us to improve

We are happy you are here!!! Thank you for supporting our dream


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